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InSite is an innovative platform that enables the trustworthy re-use of Electronic Health Records (EHR) data for research. InSite facilitates the collaboration between clinicians and researchers and aims to maximise the output of clinical research through new technology.

InSite is supported by a community of clinical sites that want to maximise their involvement in clinical research with academic and industry research organisations.


FAST patient recruitment for pharma and CROs through data-driven trial design.

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EFFICIENT patient screening and Clinical Intelligence at hand.

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EASY AND AFFORDABLE management of multicentric clinical trials.

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Studies in the first year
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How it works

InSite is a secure service platform built on a network of connected health care organisations. InSite offers a harmonised view on heterogeneous clinical data sources through easy to use applications.

In participating hospitals, InSite connects the hospital data sources to a local InSite Node, which connects to the central InSite platform. This Node harmonises data, provides support to the platform operations and serves several applications for local use within the hospital (Patient Centered Clinical Intelligence).

The InSite platform adheres to the “privacy and security by design and default” principle. The distributed analytics technology ensures that patient data never leaves the protected environment of a hospital and remains at all times under local control, while still providing meaningful answers to research questions. The InSite platform has been certified by an independent organisation that ensures compliance to the highest data protection standard.

Researchers can use the InSite services for trial design, study placement, recruitment tracking, etc.
Clinicians can use InSite within their hospital to support their trials or deep dive into their data.
Patient numbers and site locations in this image are simulated for illustrative purposes

Recent news

TriNetX, InSite Unite to establish the world's largest Clinical Research Network

Acquisition of Belgium-based Custodix promises to bring new pharmaceutical-sponsored clinical trials to Healthcare Organisations throughout Europe

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InSite has grown out of the EHR4CR Innovative Medicines Initiative collaboration supported by the following partners
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