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Real World Data.

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For Clinical Researchers

InSite enables the secure and compliant re-use of EHR data for industry and academic researchers. InSite provides Real World Data driven clinical trial design, site selection and patient recruitment tools rendering the clinical trial process more efficient and less error-prone.

For Clinical Sites

Through InSite, sites will attract more clinical research, get free access to data exploration tools, speed up their internal trial related processes, … while remaining in full control of the patient data that they guard.

For Patients

More efficient clinical research leads to increased patient access to innovative therapies and medicines. As the InSite community grows, InSite will become an invaluable tool for fighting rare diseases, a case that InSite is dedicated to support.

InSite is building a community dedicated to accelerating clinical research through Real World Data in a secure & trustworthy way.

Deploying All Over Europe in 2016-2017

InSite is a private initiative determined to define and realise a sustainable eco-system for Real World Data driven clinical trial design and execution. We build upon the outcome of several international research projects aimed at accelerating research through re-use of care data (EHR, primary care, Personal Health Records, …) and the collaboration with pharmaceutical industry through the EHR4CR - Electronic Health Records for Clinical Research project.

Supported by a number of pharmaceutical companies, CROs and hospitals we are shaping a trustworthy environment for clinical data re-use from which all stakeholders — industry, care providers, patients — benefit.
Pharmaceutical Industry, CROs & Academic Sponsors

A first group of industry innovators is partnering with InSite to engage in large scale deployment in a unique pre-competitive collaboration. In a second phase, InSite will be open to a wider user-group, including academic sponsors.

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Hospitals, Hospital Clusters
& Data Providers

We welcome hospitals, hospital groups or other data custodians to join our data provider community. Get in touch to learn about the benefits of InSite and have our team assist you in a connectivity readiness check.

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Solution & Service

We seek to accelerate deployment of InSite through partnerships with EHR providers, data integrators and other technology and service providers experienced in unlocking care data.

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We comply with the I~HD code of conduct for clinical data reuse.

This initiative is based on the outcome of European Research projects.