InSite for Hospitals

Effecient Patient Screening
and Clinical Intelligence at Hand

InSite for hospitals is a versatile user-friendly tool that offers a unified, intuitive view on patient populations and supports computer-assisted subject identification for faster patient enrolment. Additionally, InSite users increase visibility towards sponsors and get an insight into upcoming research relevant to them.

Patient Identification

ENROL patients faster with less manual effort through an efficient EHR scan, saving valuable time versus the traditional tedious and repetitive recruitment process. Manage investigator workload and task assignments efficiently.

Industry Clinical Trial Pipeline

OBTAIN a global overview of clinical trials initiated by pharma. Reinforce the relationship with the sponsors at an early stage through a transparent communication facilitated by the InSite platform.

Patient Oriented Clinical Intelligence

SUPPORT the clinical and administrative questions of your hospital through InSite data analytics. Prepare data sets for your own research, perform treatment comparison, evaluate and design individual care plans, improve internal reporting and follow up patient care.

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