InSite for Industry

Fast patient recruitment
through data-driven trial design

InSite opens the door to the next generation of data driven trial design, by enabling real-time analysis of live Electronic Health Record data. Researchers get immediate, reliable answers to their clinical questions enabling correct assesment of patient populations.

InSite can be used to enhance study feasibility, study placement and the patient recruitment processes.

Study Feasibility

IMPROVE trial design and reduce costly corrective measures by sending formalised eligibility criteria across a distributed hospital network and and get estimates on matching patients within minutes, based on real-time data.

InSite enables true data driven trial design on large amount of live data, removing all the guess work.

Study Placement

OPTIMISE placement of studies by assessing patient populations more accurately, efficiently and quickly. Identify regions and sites with high recruiting potential and avoid the opening of underperforming trial sites.

Patient Recruitment

MONITOR enrolment progress and send amendments across trial sites in real-time. Automating the enrolment process improves the overall clinical trial process and provides the ability to the sponsor to proactively address problems with underperforming sites.

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